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Welcome to the Black Trans Advocacy Maryland/DC Chapter!  A Local Network of Citizens Working Together to Advance Black Trans Equality.

bta black pride nyBlack Trans Advocacy Maryland is the leading source for black trans community awareness, education and outreach needed for our role in a movement of trans equility in the state of Maryland. 

Black Trans Advocacy, through our national advocacy center and affiliate state chapters work daily to advance social equality with specific focus on inequities faced in the black and transgender human experience.

Our work is based in peace building, community education, public policy initiatives, empowerment programs and direct services.  Our Black Trans Advocacy Maryland Chapter is focused in its work on priorities within education, identity development and trans health to foster diversity, inclusion and equality for all people.

Please donate to our 2015 BTA of Maryland State Chapter General Operating Budget.  Our fundraising goal is $15,000. Corporate Sponsorship Available!

We encourage any and everyone to support BTA Maryland and become a member, make a donation, sponsorship or volunteer with us to advance black trans equality! Check out the calendar to see future events, service opportunities, and meetings including our 4th Annual National Black Trans Advocacy Conference held in the spring.  Conference Attendee Scholarships are now available for you to apply, donate or sponsor Maryland applicants of the scholarship program.

Get Involved - Join Black Trans Advocacy Maryland Today! Need help? Contact support(at) 


State Chapter Leadership

Black Transmen Inc
Maryland/DC State Chapter
President: Vann Millhouse

Toll Free: 855.255.8636 Ext 51
Email: maryland (at)






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